Harrison Divans

Harrison are a family run company based in Yorkshire, established in 1889.

“Our beds don’t start out life in a factory, but on a 300-acre farm in North Yorkshire. Here we rear sheep for their wool and grow the fibres that go into our mattress fillings. We don’t do this because it is easier. It takes us a year to grow the ingredients for one mattress. We do it because better ingredients make a better bed. With over 100 years of experience, we’ve learned that if we’re going to make a beautiful bed, we’ve got to do it all ourselves.”

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The Harrison mattress range is available in three different levels of support, as well as a range of standard and bespoke sizes. Choose from a variety of fabrics, bed frames, headboards and storage options custom made to your requirements, to create a truly tailor-made night’s sleep”


The perfect turn free bed, tailored to you.

Havana 6200 & Lima 7200

Comfort from natural fillings, wool, viscose blend and natural cotton.  Turn free mattress with an award winning revolution spring within a spring technology.

Our Havana 6200 is on show in the shop in 2 tensions medium and firm.  The Lima 7200 is also shown in 2 tensions soft and medium.

There is a large choice of fabrics and headboards to compliment the look,  all made to order.


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